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About the .JOBS Universe

The .JOBS Universe, a build-out of the .JOBS Top-Level Domain (TLD) that includes over 40,000 geographical, occupational, and country-name .jobs domains for the purpose of creating an environment of seamlessly integrated employment domains, is revolutionary for both the recruitment industry and the Internet.

There are similar TLDs like .EDU and .GOV, which have exclusive communities with vetted and verified content. In addition to these features, the .JOBS Universe will create an environment of seamlessly integrated employment domains, a first ever interlinked and coordinated use of a TLD specifically for job seekers, human resource practitioners and the public good.

Obviously, a project of this magnitude will produce many questions. This white paper has been created to outline our plan, answer questions, and provide clarification for DirectEmployers Association’s .JOBS initiative.

I want to stress the significant near-term and long-term benefit employers stand to gain by working together to support the success of the .JOBS project, a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

Bill Warren, DirectEmployers Association
Executive Director


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